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CSS Specificity Advice

July 28, 2014

Techniques and rules to live by when developing CSS style sheets.

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Great article. Words to live by.

These are rules I've been following for some time - and when I do, it makes the CSS much more maintainable over the long haul.

The one item I don't do and don't agree with doing is his section on "Safely increasing specificity" by doing things like this:

    /* one selector, double specificity */ 

That seems really hacky and (going back a ways) I've always heard that there can be a lot of hidden complications with using double-selectors like that (e.g. selecting based on 2 classes on the same element).

Article: Hacks for dealing with specificity

I'm also looking forward to watching the video he linked, 3.14 Things I Didn't Know about CSS

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