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Dropbox - Downloading File List FOREVER

May 2, 2014

Dropbox repeatedly going through the "downloading file list" stage of syncing? Taking forever? Try this.

Having problems with your dropbox doing a “downloading file list” for long periods of time? Try this…

  1. Close Dropbox application
  2. Clear Cache (You figure Dropbox would make it easier to do then manually) Where is your cache you say? Like I F’in did and had to spend time searching can be found here: C:\Users"Your Computer Name”\AppData\Roaming\Dropbox\cache For Windows OR ~/Dropbox/.dropbox.cache for Macs
  3. Delete everything in the cache folder contents not cache folder itself.
  4. I always reboot but don’t know if you need too
  5. Start Dropbox and Launch Dropbox preferences and unlink your computer then link your computer back.

Found it here:

Step 5 got a little screwy for me, it crashed the program a couple of times before really taking.

Once it did, though, it cleared up the problem.

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