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Microsoft Removes IE from Spoon Browser Sandbox

November 23, 2010

Microsoft has requested that Spoon remove IE browsers from its browser selection.

Despite the fact that I have recently discovered certain pleasures in the world of Apple, I do not plan to get in the habit of senselessly bashing Microsoft. I firmly believe that all sorts of industries (web, software, general computing) would never have developed as quickly without them. There is even an argument to be made that without Internet Explorer, other browsers wouldn't be nearly as innovative. With all of that said, this sort of thing pisses me off...

I may be a little late to the punch on this one but it would appear that Microsoft has requested that their browser no longer be available through Spoon Browse Sandbox. For those not in the know, Spoon offers a cloud service where people can use many versions (current and older) of all popular browsers. It's a service only available to PC users, as it requires a small plugin to be installed. I have relied on their service to test using a IE6 and a real IE7 (there are some major differences between real IE7 and the "emulated IE7" packaged inside IE8) for some time now.

Seems like a double blow... now it's going to be even more difficult testing in older IE versions and Spoon has become significantly less useful as a service. Admittedly, I haven't spent any time looking into why Microsoft has requested Spoon removing their browsers but I have a really hard time thinking of what a goodreason for this would have been...

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