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Press Release - Galaxy S5 Explained

May 8, 2014

Different ways to view settings? 41 pre-loaded apps!?!?

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Is this a joke?

Two of the "features" they are promoting are (a) different ways to interact with settings and (b) only 41 preloaded apps (down from over 50)?

One thing at a time here...

First, who the hell cares about different views (list vs. grid) for device settings? Just pick one and go with it. Some developer had to actually spend time on this feature? Did anyone tell Samsung that the UI/UX world is increasingly trying to reduce the need to fiddle with settings?

Secondly, 41 preloaded apps? Forty-one...? That has to top the awful days of Windows computers coming preloaded with all sorts of demo-ware. FORTY-ONE. Do you own an iPhone? As an exercise, count the apps you have installed and put that in context of how long you've owned the phone...

Galaxy S5 Explained: UX and Back Panel

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